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Need a Trusted Mobile massage therapist in Bellevue? We'll come to you!

Have a mobile massage therapist come to your home or business. The only thing nicer than a trip to the spa is having the spa come to you! No more ruining your massage by jumping straight into rush hour traffic after you get off the table. Outcall massage means you get complete relaxation and ease.

Bellevue Local

We are called Soothing Waves Bellevue Mobile Massage for a reason. We're 100% local, and love our Bellevue community. We give back to Bellevue whenever we can by participating pro-bono in local sports events, fundraisers, and galas. We also collaborate with other local Washington companies like Mobile Mechanic Spokane. You won't find that from nationally owned companies like Massage Envy or Massage Everywhere.

Ease Pain

Massage works in several ways. Mechanical movement of the muscles, and neurological soothing. Breaking the pain cycle quickly reduces everything from migraines to muscle aches. Massage can also facilitate injury healing when paired with physical therapy. In fact, massage therapists and physical therapists often work together.

Deep tissue listening

I don't assume to know what is going on in your body- I listen to you when you tell me what works and what doesn't. People have told me I have a knack for finding the knots they didn't even know they had. The nature of outcall massage also allows you to listen to yourself because you no longer have to rush from place to place.

Why in home massage?

Mobile massage is as easy as ordering pizza to your front door. Once you try it, you may never want to go to a spa again! Relax faster and stay that way with in home massage. Eliminate travel time, and take a nice bath afterwards instead.

Outcall massage also offers higher quality work. In a spa environment, the therapist has only 5-15 minutes between appointments and often tires out by the end of the day. By driving in between appointments, I have a chance to further rest and be ready to offer my best work to my fewer clients.

We also get to know each other quite well, as I keep detailed session notes tracking paints and improvements


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Bellevue Mobile Massage Specialties

Two hands massage a foot during an in-home massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish is perhaps the most well-known style of massage. It became successful as a method to boost athletic performance. Learn more about the Bellevue Mobile Massage style of Swedish  massage below.

hands massage the back of a neck with medium pressure

Deep Tissue Massage

No body is too tough or too big for touch! The therapists of Bellevue Mobile Massage use all their tools- hands, elbows, and forearms, to get deep into muscle trigger points. Learn more about our deep tissue mobile massage below.

A massage therapist applies compression to the shoulder of a man in a Bellevue Mobile massage chair,

Chair Massage for Teams

Here in Bellevue we have a lot of tech offices. If you want to win "boss of the year" award (and boost employee performance) click below to learn more about my mobile event chair massage.

Close up of a massage therapist using both their thumbs to smooth down the client's palm.

Migraine Relief

We have mobile massage therapists in Bellevue who specialize in migraine relief. Often when a migraine is at its worst, it's impossible to drive. That is why I come to you with outcall massage. Click to learn more about how outcall massage can ease migraines.

Why Choose Bellevue Mobile Massage

  • Professional

    Our therapists are all around, but most of them train at the Pacific Northwest School of Massage Therapy in Vancouver, Washington. From the moment we pick up the phone, to the follow up after your massage, Bellevue Mobile Massage brings years of experience.

  • Licensed

    Squeaky clean background check, continuing education on the latest massage techniques, woven into a network of professionals who offer many bodywork services. If I don't offer the massage you're looking for, I can connect you with someone who does specialize in whatever you need.

  • Responsive

    You are in control of your massage pressure and focus. Request more or less pressure and have it actually happen. No "going through the motions" here. Through deep listening we massage the root of whatever ails you.


"Amazing massage"

I was in Bellevue for 12 weeks and really needed to see a massage therapist. My pain levels were at a ten. I saw Bellevue Mobile Massage after they were recommended to me by the friend I was staying with. I really appreciated their compassion and how they listened to me. The muscle work focus is a super plus for me. They really take their time with you and I appreciated the focus on not just feeling like a number. I would definitely recommend Bellevue Mobile Massage. Amazing.

A white girl with blonde hair smiles and tilts her head. She is a customer of Bellevue Mobile Massage
Elaine Parsons

"Deep tissue that's actually deep"

They were prefect! I like a lot of pressure and that's exactly what they gave me vs the too-soft kind where it feels like a bug is walking on you.  I'm here for a massage! GET THOSE KINKS OUUUTTT!!

A black girl with round glasses with golden frames. She is a customer of Bellevue Mobile Massage
Leila Coffey

"Both my husband and I love this terapist"

My husband and I stumbled upon Bellevue Mobile Massage on a Thursday evening. Tired in body and soul, they created a peaceful oasis in our own home that soothed our beings. We were first  greeted with hushed welcomes, setting the atmosphere for complete relaxation. Very professional and intuitive lady. Our new go-to. Not fancy but definitely a GREAT experience EVERY time.

selfie of older white woman with pink glasses and grey hair
Kristen Garcia

What to Expect

I want to hear about your aches and pains! Give me a call and I'll do an intake for free. Give me a call at 425-2509-794

No matter if it's your first time or your 100th time getting a massage from us: we always make time for an intake. First time appointments include a 15 minute intake where we set aside time to address your medical history and discuss goals and methods. This can be over the phone.

For the best experience, it's important for your massage therapist to know the following health information about you:

  • Injuries (previous and current)
  • Surgeries (previous and current)
  • Current medication
  • Any relevant diagnosis

In light of the novel coronavirus, we are now requesting that you provide your own clean sheets. This also helps us keep the massage affordable for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

We supply the following

  • Massage table
  • Heating pad
  • Plush blanket
  • Face cradle coverings
  • Fragrance-free oil or lotion
  • Essential oils (optional)

The invitation is to undress to your level of comfort. If that means fully clothed, I can work with that. You may also be nude if you like. Cozy sheets will be used for appropriate draping the duration of the massage.

You can choose 60 minute or 90 minute massage. If you want an extra 15 minutes at the end for your head or feet, just let us know. But we'll have to charge extra for that time.

If you do not want anywhere touched for any reason, just let your therapist know.

After the massage your therapist will go wash their hands and you may get off the table and get dressed (pajamas recommended!). The therapist then disinfects and packs up their equipment while telling you any helpful post-massage information you may need.

Remember to drink your water!

What is (and is not) mobile massage?

Also known as in-home massage or outcall massage, mobile massage is when a licensed massage therapist brings their massage table and supplies to your location.


Consent and respect are some of Bellevue Mobile Massage's highest values. You are welcomed to undress to your level of comfort- which can mean you may be fully clothed or fully nude (and everything in between). Either way, I use thick and cozy sheets to make sure you are properly covered at all times.

Massage is a form of medical therapy. We are a team of licensed professionals and hold ourselves and our clients to a high standard of mutual respect.

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