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"Miracle Worker"

I have had Bellevue Mobile Massage visit a couple of time and they really are a miracle worker. They are very knowledgeable in massage therapy and is able to find the root cause of my physical problems and fix them.

I always feel much better after leaving.

A white lady with blonde highlighted hair smiles at the camera
Julia Stevens

"Self Care Must"

This place healed my horrendous migraine that I had for 2 days. When I left, I was able to take off my sunglasses and I had an appetite for the first time in 2 days! Their prices are so reasonable and believe me, they are worth double. So worth it. I will definitely be making this a monthly self care must.

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Leila Coffey

"Great Deep Tissue Mobile Massage If You're Visiting From Out Of Town"

I was able to get a same day appointment and booking was super easy. I am visiting from out of town and wanted to do something relaxing while my husband was work. I never expected to get the best massage I've ever had, but I did! I highly recommend trying them!  I had a deep tissue massage and it was wonderful!

Black mother and daughter grinning at the camera on a sunny day
Leila Coffey

"Most Popular Employee Perk"

The monthly chair massages
from Bellevue Mobile Massage are the most popular employee perk we provide... there is always a wait list.

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Guy Delgado

"It Was Intense!! But SO WORTH IT."

They started with the knot from me sleeping wrong but after I moved my other arm it was obvious that there was a connection to my other shoulder as well. So they started working on my shoulder capsule and the surrounding muscles.  Let me just tell you this was not a soft aromatherapy type massage.  Although I'm sure they do those too.  This was a dig super deep and release some of the residual connective tissue that has been bothering me for 3 years. Oh YEAH!  It was intense!!  But SO WORTH IT.

I woke up today and my shoulder feels better than it has in years!!!  YEARS I TELL YOU!!  I have a noticeable increase in mobility and flexibility in my shoulder. It's a lil sore but I'm blown away by how much better my shoulder is. I'm super impressed.

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Kaisha Crossley

"Big Reason I Can Still Run As Much As I Do"

I have been seeing Bellevue Mobile Massage for years and I am
very happy with their bodywork. They are always on time. They use the best oils and her table is always clean and warm.  I have been running triathlon races for years now and I know having Lori on my side has been a big reason I can still run as much as I do.  I highly recommend this body work company!

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Karrie Romy

"A Blessing"

Bellevue Mobile Massage is a blessing! I received a massage that pinpointed all of my trouble areas and she was pleasant and kind and very knowledgeable. She has an amazing story to tell and well worth the relaxing hour. I recommend her strongly.

Bald black man with a goatee and black glasses
Hugo Novell

"Immediate Relief"

Having dealt with headaches and jaw pain for years, I was thrilled to find a LMT who specializes in this type of massage. I had a wonderful experience with Bellevue Mobile Massage - they were very attentive and understanding to my condition. I had an incredible massage and experienced immediate relief from jaw pain. I will absolutely be returning!

White girl with blue eyes and black hair smiles
Trista Wilcher

"The best thing"

If you hate to take medication and suffer from migraines or tension headaches, getting a mobile massage is the best thing you can do for yourself!!! I have suffered from migraines and sinus headaghes for years. I also have neck problems which causes terrible pain in my shoulders.

Bellevue Mobile Massage is always quick to come over and help me find hope.

A black girl with round glasses with golden frames. She is a customer of Bellevue Mobile Massage
Kristen Garcia

"Blown Away"

I was blown away by the amount of experience they have with sports injuries.  Getting a full understanding of what happened the therapist began testing tensions and palpating. While working on the hamstrings and the area that was causing pain, The therapist realized that the pain was a referral from the actual issues lower and closer to the knee.

After working the "kinks" out of the hamstrings the therapist dug deeper and found that there was an unnatural pulling coming from the adductors on the same leg.  Upon further examination we learned that my adductors were unnaturally tight.  The therapist did what she could with her hands and then offered an additional modality that she thought might help loosen things up more quickly. 

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Montgomery James

Mobile Massage for Our Beautiful Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue Mobile Massage grew out of a passion to provide the healing work of massage in the most potent way possible.

It is common for massage therapists to give "trades"; where each gives the other a massage. This way we can continue to teach our bodies what a good massage feels like and learn new moves in the process. Trades are often done in our own homes.

Being a massage therapist, the Owner of BMM noticed they always felt better after an in-home massage than after they got one at the spa.

They took a leap of faith in quitting at the spa and starting their own mobile massage business. Bellevue Mobile Massage was born!

Licensed and Insured Massage Therapists

What started as a one-person operation has grown. Now the demand is so much that we have a whole team of licensed and insured massage therapists. We make sure to only have the best on our team. We have a two-step interview process where the second step is the candidate must give a 15 minute chair massage to demonstrate their skills.

You don't have to be in pain

Often people wait months while in chronic pain to see a massage therapist. Then once they visit and the pain disappears, they're hooked! If you change the oil in your car more often than you get a massage, you may be taking care of the wrong machine. Experience your body pain-free with Bellevue Mobile Massage.

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