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Massage Specialties

Two hands massage a foot during an in-home massage

Outcall Swedish Massage

Swedish is perhaps the most well-known style of massage. It became successful as a method to boost athletic performance. Learn more about my style of Swedish mobile massage below.

hands massage the back of a neck with medium pressure

Outcall Deep Tissue Massage

No body is too tough or too big for touch! I use all my tools- hands, elbows, and forearms, to get deep into muscle trigger points. Learn more about my deep tissue mobile massage below.

A massage therapist applies compression to the shoulder of a man in a Bellevue Mobile massage chair,

Chair Massage for Teams

Here in Bellevue we have a lot of tech offices. If you want to win "boss of the year" award (and boost employee performance) click below to learn more about my mobile event chair massage.

Close up of a massage therapist using both their thumbs to smooth down the client's palm.

in Home Migraine Relief Massage

I specialize in migraine relief. Often when a migraine is at its worst, it's impossible to drive. That is why I come to you with outcall massage. Click to learn more about how outcall massage can ease migraines.

Servicing Bellevue, Seattle, Mercer Island, Sammamish, and all of King County

Bellevue Mobile Massage Services

  • Moblie Massage Service Talored To You

    Bellevue Mobile Massage offers several in-home services from our licensed mobile massage therapists. There is a basic variety of massage, but if you have any special requests for massage styles such as myofascial release, craniosacral, or lymphatic massage, just let us know and we will connect you with a Bellevue mobile massage therapist who can service that type of massage.

    • Outcall Swedish Massage
    • In home injury specific massage
    • Mobile migraine massage
    • Mobile deep tissue massage
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