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Chair Massage Is BACK!

After careful consideration, Bellevue Mobile Massage has decided to begin offering event chair massage once again!

Event Chair Massage for Bellevue and Beyond

Boost athlete performance at sports championships, bolster employee morale and productivity, or just delight your attendees and hold an unforgettable event. Bellevue Mobile Massage can bring chair massage to your event.

What is Event Chair massage?

Chair massage is easily the most convenient massage. Instead of the usual massage table, there is an ergonomic massage chair the client can relax into, complete with face cradle.

The massage typically lasts 10-15 minutes and the client remains fully clothed. It generally focuses on the most common areas of tension: neck, back, and shoulders.

The therapist will provide a sign up sheet where attendees can claim their time slot. We ask that event participants be ready for their chair massage at the designated time.

What is event massage good for?

Event chair massage is good for many things, including:

  • Boosting employee productivity and loyalty
  • Improving athletic performance at sports events
  • Adding a touch of luxury to a private party

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Mobile Event Massage From Start To Finsih


Get in touch so we can talk about what massage you would like to schedule, and when you would like it to be.


For the best experience, it's important for your massage therapist to know the following health information about you:

  • Injuries (previous and current)
  • Surgeries (previous and current)
  • Current medication
  • Any relevant diagnosis


In light of the novel coronavirus, we are now requesting that you provide your own clean sheets. This also helps us keep the massage affordable for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

We supply everything else.


The invitation is to undress to your level of comfort. If that means fully clothed, I can work with that. You may also be nude if you like. Cozy sheets will be used for appropriate draping the duration of the massage.


You can choose 60 minute or 90 minute massage. If you want an extra 15 minutes at the end for your head or feet, just let us know. But we'll have to charge extra for that time.

If you do not want anywhere touched for any reason, just let your therapist know.

Follow Up

After the massage your therapist will go wash their hands and you may get off the table and get dressed (pajamas recommended!). The therapist then disinfects and packs up their equipment while telling you any helpful post-massage information you may need.

Event Massage FAQ

You would be surprised by the range of events mobile chair massage is good for. Here are a few to give you some ideas:

  • Baby shower
  • Retreat
  • Summer camp
  • Marketing event
  • Health fair
  • Opening night of a show
  • Expositions
  • Conventions
  • Trade show
  • Sporting events

Please book at least two hours. The maximum is 6, and includes breaks and lunch. 

This depends on how long you book the therapist for your event. Generally a maximum of four chair massages can be fit into an hour if they are each 10 minutes. It takes a few minutes between clients to clean the chair and for the next person to arrive.

Body mechanics! The best massage therapists know how to apply deep pressure without working hard. The key to this is in the legs. The root of movement should always come from the legs and core. If a therapist uses their fingers as the root of movement, they will quickly tire out.

No! Every body is so different, that the therapist has to be fully engaged with each client. A key part of massage is being fully present with each person, and listening to what their bodies need. This is actually very engaging. It's like solving a puzzle.


"Most popular employee perk"

"The monthly chair massages
from Bellevue Mobile Massage are the most popular employee perk we provide... there is always a wait list."

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Julia Stevens

"Makes everyone feel pampered"

I have hired Bellevue Mobile Massage several times for different corporate events and love the service.  The ladies made everyone feel pampered and provided a great experience for everyone! I give it a 10+++

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Ted Glisson
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