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Deep tissue Outcall massage brought to you in Bellevue

Bellevue Mobile Massage offers a variety of massage types, include deep tissue outcall massage! Fully and completely restore your chronically store and overworked muscles from the comfort of your own home. Deep tissue mobile massage can do that.

What is Deep Tissue Outcall Massage?

Outcall means the massage is mobile. We come to you in the safety of your home! Bellevue Mobile Massage brings all the supplies except sheets.

Deep tissue massage is not just a Swedish massage with deeper pressure. It shifts focus from relaxation to rehabilitation.

A deep tissue session typically starts off with lighter pressure in order to warm the muscles up. Then the therapist will dive in using a variety of tools

  • Fingers: Finger tips are used for precision work on small knots
  • Elbows: Don't worry, we won't hurt you with our elbows. But they are a useful tool for getting into those really big muscles, like the upper trapezius of your shoulders, or the hamstrings in the back of your legs.
  • Knuckles: In-between the shoulder blades is a great place to use knuckles.
  • Forearm: For broader pressure, forearms are used to smooth muscles after intense work.

What is deep tissue Outcall massage good for?

There are a number of body aches as well as heart and soul aches that deep tissue outcall massage is a vessel of healing. The effects are both mechanical and psychological.

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Deep Tissue Mobile Massage From Start To Finsih


Call Bellevue Mobile Massage so we can answer any questions you may have with setting up an appointment. Then you can book a deep tissue mobile massage with us right over the phone!


For the best deep tissue outcall experience, it's important for your massage therapist to know the following health information about you:

  • Injuries (previous and current)
  • Surgeries (previous and current)
  • Current medication
  • Any relevant diagnosis

Please also put your pets away! We know they're sweet and lovable, but they can distract you from getting the most out of your deep tissue mobile massage.


In light of the novel coronavirus, we are now requesting that you provide your own clean sheets. This also helps us keep mobile massage in Bellevue affordable for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

We supply everything else! Including:

  • Fragrance free, allergen free lotion
  • Massage table
  • Massage table warmer
  • Bolsters and pillows
  • Face cradle coverings
  • Essential oils (if desired)
  • Healing vibes


The invitation is to undress to your level of comfort. If that means fully clothed, I can work with that. You may also be nude if you like. Cozy sheets will be used for appropriate draping the duration of the massage.


You can choose 60 minute or 90 minute deep tissue mobile massage. If you want an extra 15 minutes at the end for your head or feet, just let us know. But we'll have to charge extra for that time.

If you do not want anywhere touched for any reason, just let your therapist know. Bellevue Mobile Massage will always respect your boundaries, no questions asked.

Follow Up

After the massage your therapist will go wash their hands and you may get off the table and get dressed (pajamas recommended!). The therapist then disinfects and packs up their equipment while telling you any helpful post-massage information you may need.

Deep Tissue Mobile Massage FAQ

No, deep tissue massage should not be painful. It can be a bit more intense, especially in sore areas, but please speak up if you are in pain.

Pain causes the body to tense up, which negates the relaxing benefits of massage. Many deep tissue massage benefits come from the neural feedback and not necessarily the mechanical manipulation of muscle and other soft tissue. This is why being able to relax into the massage is so important.

If you feel pain at any point during your deep tissue massage, tell the therapist and they will lighten the pressure.

Deep tissue massage has many benefits. Some come from the direct mechanical movement of soft tissue like muscle and ligaments, and other benefits come from the neurological feedback from the muscle to the brain.

Deep tissue massage can aid in relief for:

Deep tissue massage is not just a Swedish massage with more pressure. There are specific strokes used in deep tissue techniques. These include:

  • Friction (firm pressure applied with fingertips or elbows, that is directed across the grain of muscle. This helps break down scar tissue)
  • Stripping (firm pressure with fingertips or elbows that is directed with the grain of muscle. This helps reset sore muscles)

Deep tissue massage can also include Gua Sha, which uses a tool for stripping muscles.

Increased mobility, coordination, and performance!

Oh... you meant negative side effects of deep tissue, didn't you?

Some people feel a little sore the next day. Drink plenty of water to help this pass quickly. If you feel sore for more than 24 hours, call us back and let us know. We can help guide you. But soreness like that should not persist if the deep tissue massage was done correctly.

We've never had anyone call us back with bad side effects!

Deep tissue massage may not be cheap, but it can save you from months or even years of suffering.

A 2014 study involving 59 participants found that deep tissue massage helped to reduce pain in people with chronic low back. The authors likened its effects to those of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen (Advil).

It's not recommended that untrained personnel give deep tissue massages. Due to the firm nature of the pressure, if applied incorrectly, you can potentially damage blood vessels, nerves, muscles, joint capsules, and even bruise bones. 


"Miracle worker"

I have had Bellevue Mobile Massage visit a couple of time and they really are a miracle worker. They are very knowledgeable in massage therapy and is able to find the root cause of my physical problems and fix them.

I always feel much better after leaving.

a round-faced white guy with a short beard and gauged ears
Guy Delgado

"It was intense!!  But SO WORTH IT."

They started with the knot from me sleeping wrong but after I moved my other arm it was obvious that there was a connection to my other shoulder as well. So they started working on my shoulder capsule and the surrounding muscles.  Let me just tell you this was not a soft aromatherapy type massage.  Although I'm sure they do those too.  This was a dig super deep and release some of the residual connective tissue that has been bothering me for 3 years. Oh YEAH!  It was intense!!  But SO WORTH IT.

I woke up today and my shoulder feels better than it has in years!!!  YEARS I TELL YOU!!  I have a noticeable increase in mobility and flexibility in my shoulder. It's a lil sore but I'm blown away by how much better my shoulder is. I'm super impressed.

A white lady smiling outdoors in the sunshine. She wears sunglasses with long brown hair

Kaisha Crossley

"Great Deep Tissue Mobile Massage if you're visiting from out of Town"

I was able to get a same day appointment and booking was super easy. I am visiting from out of town and wanted to do something relaxing while my husband was work. I never expected to get the best massage I've ever had, but I did! I highly recommend trying them!  I had a deep tissue massage and it was wonderful!

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Kristen Garcia
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