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Swedish Mobile Massage for all areas of Bellevue and King County

The benefits of Swedish mobile massage are many. Bellevue Mobile Massage brings the all the goodness of massage into your home. Fully relax in the comfort of a familiar space transformed into an oasis!

What is Swedish Outcall Massage?

The practice of Swedish massage is about 200 years old. It was developed in Sweden by gymnasts and athletes looking to stay limber and recover faster.

Outcall/mobile massage is when the massage therapist comes to your home. Mobile massage is great for folks who like to fully relax after a massage, people with disabilities, and massage at the most convenient time and place for you.

The types of strokes can range from long and fluid, to quick and percussive.

  • Effleurage- Smooth and gliding strokes
  • Petrissage- Kneading the muscles. Can also glide.
  • Vibration-Shaking muscle groups
  • Friction- Circular deep pressure
  • Tapotement- Quick tapping movements

What is Swedish Massage good for?

There are a number of body aches as well as heart and soul aches that Swedish massage is a vessel of healing. The effects are both mechanical and psychological.

  • Injury recovery
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • feeling like you're walking on air

Read more about the benefits of massage. Bellevue Mobile Massage also offers other in home massage modalities, beyond mobile Swedish massage. View mobile massage services.

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Swedish Mobile Massage From Start To Finsih


Get in touch so we can talk about what massage you would like to schedule, and when you would like it to be.


For the best experience, it's important for your massage therapist to know the following health information about you:

  • Injuries (previous and current)
  • Surgeries (previous and current)
  • Current medication
  • Any relevant diagnosis


In light of the novel coronavirus, we are now requesting that you provide your own clean sheets. This also helps us keep the massage affordable for everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

We supply everything else.


The invitation is to undress to your level of comfort. If that means fully clothed, I can work with that. You may also be nude if you like. Cozy sheets will be used for appropriate draping the duration of the massage.


You can choose 60 minute or 90 minute massage. If you want an extra 15 minutes at the end for your head or feet, just let us know. But we'll have to charge extra for that time.

If you do not want anywhere touched for any reason, just let your therapist know.

Follow Up

After the massage your therapist will go wash their hands and you may get off the table and get dressed (pajamas recommended!). The therapist then disinfects and packs up their equipment while telling you any helpful post-massage information you may need.

Swedish Massage FAQ

Yes and no.

It's common belief in the massage industry that massage (especially Swedish massage) releases toxins, and can sometimes cause post-massage symptoms like runny nose or soreness. There is no medical proof of this!

Here at Bellevue Mobile Massage we believe if you're super sore after a massage it's because too much pressure was used and the therapist needs to go lighter next time. If you're sniffly, it's because you've been face down too long and the therapist needed to flip you over sooner.

We listen to your body and do our best to leave you with post-massage bliss, not post-massage blahs!

Swedish massage can be deep tissue, but deep tissue is not Swedish massage. Much like a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square!

Swedish massage uses a combination of both light and deep pressure. In that way, it can contain components of deep tissue. A deep tissue massage focuses primarily on only deep pressure.

If you are sensitive to pressure, we recommend a Swedish massage, even if you have sore muscles... especially if you have sore muscles! 

Absolutely not. There may be moments where the therapist follows a muscle to its full origin, which may be close to the groin area, but a therapist will never under any circumstances touch your genitals.

That being said, there are licensed therapists who are certified in breast and/or vaginal massage. There are various therapeutic benefits to such massage, including treatment of:

  • Incontinence
  • Post-partum recovery
  • Prenatal preparation
  • Surgical recovery
  • POCS pain relief
  • Endometriosis pain relief

If you are looking for such a service, call us and we can connect you with a trusted professional.

Yes!!! Accommodations are made such as laying in a comfortable position on the side instead of laying face down or face up. Plenty of pillows are provided for adequate support.

Benefits of prenatal massage include:

  • Decrease in soreness
  • Relaxation for you and baby
  • Increased range of motion for moment of birth
  • Muscle conditioning
  • Morning sickness relief


As with anything truly great, it actually takes a whole series of people refining and improving upon each other's techniques.

Many massage textbooks cite Per Henrik Ling as creating the 5 distinct strokes of Swedish Massage in the 1800's. Perr Henrick was a gymnast who first used massage on himself to improve his frequent illnesses. He began using it on his gymnastics team and then introduced it into the athletics world.

However, it was really the Dutch doctor Johann Georg Mezger who first published the 5 methods of Swedish Massage in his paper, "The Treatment of Distorio Pedis with Frictions". The methods he used were actually French, not Swedish! 

Giving massage is almost as nice as giving it! The key is to slow down and check in. If you have a friend or family member who would benefit from Swedish massage, here are the basics:

  • Start with them face down. Make sure their head and neck are comfortable.
  • Begin on the back of the calves. Use a little lotion or oil to make long, sweeping motions towards the torso.
  • Gradually increase pressure
  • Switch to petrissage, or kneading. Kneed first the inside, then the outside of the calf.
  • If you find any knots, use friction to firmly rub them in a circular motion.
  • Repeat for the hamstrings.
  • Move on to the back. Approaching from the head of the client, use massage lotion or oil to make long, sweeping motions from the shoulders to the sacral bone.
  • Gradually increase pressure
  • Switch to petrissage all around the shoulders
  • Use friction to really give special love to any knots
  • Ask the client to turn over onto their back. Repeat the sequence, starting at the feet.

Follow your intuition! Use your hands to "see" what their muscles feel like. Of course there are a million different techniques, and this is an extremely simplified explanation of how to give a Swedish massage.

If you really focus on what their body is asking for, you can't go wrong!


"A blessing"

Bellevue Mobile Massage is a blessing! I received a massage that pinpointed all of my trouble areas and she was pleasant and kind and very knowledgeable. She has an amazing story to tell and well worth the relaxing hour. I recommend her strongly.

Bald black man with a goatee and black glasses
Hugo Novell

"Toatlly renewed"

I just had the most amazing massage with Bellevue Mobile Massage. I highly recommend seeing her for a 90-minute Swedish. It was so relaxing, and my body felt renewed afterward!

The service was superb! You are not another number here and your overall well-being is taken into account. This place is so full of love. The energy of your own home transformed into an oasis is so comforting. Jean was really great and really knew what she was doing. I will be back!

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Enrique DeJesus

"Self care must"

This place healed my horrendous migraine that I had for 2 days. When I left, I was able to take off my sunglasses and I had an appetite for the first time in 2 days! Their prices are so reasonable and believe me, they are worth double. So worth it. I will definitely be making this a monthly self care must.

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Leila Coffey
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