Mobile Massage Can Help Relieve Workplace Pain

Mobile massage done right is an effective remedy for our aches and pains caused by the biggest culprit of our muscle aches- the workplace.

Repetitive motions are one of the biggest reasons for muscle soreness. And where do you repeat motions the most often? Usually where you spend most of your time... at your job!

The biggest employers in Bellevue include tech giants like Microsoft, T-Mobile and Expedia. But it's not all desk jobs! Some of the other largest employers are the City of Bellevue itself, the Bellevue School District, and Overlake Hospital.

It's no surprise that every job has its own set of sore muscles. Read on to discover how your job may be causing your pain.

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Desk Jobs and Mobile Massage

Of course desk jobs are at the top of the list. Not only are they the most common jobs in Bellevue, but they are often the hardest on our bodies.

There are a few common areas of issue that desk jobs aggravate.

Wrist Pain

Carpel tunnel syndrome is when the nerve that feeds into your hand becomes squeezed by the narrow tunnel it passes through on its way through your wrist. The tunnel becomes inflamed due to strain caused by keyboard and mouse positioning.

Don't wait until it is to the point of needing surgery! Request an ergonomic vertical mouse and a mobile massage today. Massage has been proven to effectively relieve carpel tunnel pain.

Back Pain

Back pain is the #1 reason adults in the USA visit the doctor.

Humans are unique in how we are vertically arranged. This is great for things like using our hands, but not so great for our lower spine, which has to deal with our weight pressing on it all day.

A common muscle that causes back pain is the quadratus lumborum. This tiny, square-shaped muscle lives just above your hips, and becomes strained when we sit for long periods of time.

To avoid chronic back pain, try standing up for a minute or two every half hour.

Neck Pain

Have you ever gone bowling? If so, you know how heavy bowling balls are. Well, your head very similar to a bowling ball... and your neck has to hold that up all day long.

Habitually tilting the head to look down puts strain on the back of the neck as it struggles against gravity. The muscles involved in this include the trapezius (or "traps" for short), splenius captious, and levator scapula.

For neck pain, we recommend the "doorway stretch" and regular mobile massage while in a flare-up.

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Baristas and Mobile Massage

Oh baristas, how can we ever thank you? You spend all day working hard to give the rest of us the coffee we know and love.

Show your body some love by getting an in-home massage.

Elbow Pain

As a barista, you do a lot with your arms and hands. Tamping down the puck in the portafilter and locking it into the grouphead, pouring from the carafe, reaching, handing... the list goes on.

All that can lead to tennis elbow, plica syndrome in elbow

The Barista Institute wrote an amazing and comprehensive article on the best ways to move so you can stay pain free. Of course, mobile massage can aid you in that process.

Back Pain

Although back pain is usually caused by too much sitting, it can also be caused by bad posture while standing. Whenever possible, become aware of your core muscles and try to engage them so your spine becomes long and upright, and your pelvis tucks right beneath you.

Tight Calves

A client once told me that getting a massage was like meeting relatives he didn't know he had. Even though your calves might not actively hurt, once you tune into them through the feedback massage provides, you'll see how tight they are.

Doesn't it feel good to relax?

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Teachers and Mobile Massage

Teaches, you have the monumental task of equipping our youth with the knowledge they need to be successful in the world. This comes with its own set of body challenges.

Headaches and Migraines

It's a little known fact that you have muscles all over your skull. Yes, even on top of it! When you are stressed, these muscles contract and can cause headaches.

Not only that, but sustained rapid eye movements (like during reading) can also cause eye strain headaches.

Give your eyes a break by looking into the distance for 30 seconds every hour. If you're suffering from migraines, Bellevue Mobile Massage specializes in helping you find relief.

Wrist and Elbow Injuries

Grading papers and writing on a white board all day can cause issues like tennis elbow and carpel tunnel. Unfortunately, these tasks cannot be avoided. Aid your body by supporting it with wrist pads while writing on a desk, and consider switching to power point presentations instead of writing on a white board.

If the problem persists, it's time to have Bellevue Mobile Massage visit you!

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Healthcare Workers and Mobile MAssage

Crazy patients trying to fight you isn't the only way you can get injured on the job as a healthcare worker.

OSHA indicates that healthcare workers are more than seven times as likely to develop musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) compared with other workers. Nursing aids, attendants and orderlies have the highest risk of MSDs, according to OSHA.

Take care of yourself so you can keep giving back!

Back Injuries

The risk here is less in repetitive motions, and more in throwing out your back by lifting the wrong way. Make sure to ALWAYS be lifting with your legs, and call for help if a patient is a two-person assist. Chronic understaffing can make this difficult sometimes, but that is a management problem and not a "you" problem.

Ankle Injuries

In order to keep up with duties, you move fast. If you have poor support from your shoes, you can easily roll your ankle while rushing from one room to the next. Invest in a good pair of shoes like Danskos, as well as mobile massage.

Slips and Falls

There are a lot of... liquids... in healthcare settings. Injuries from falling are another common cause for Bellevue healthcare workers to take sick leave.

Recover faster with mobile massage!

Fill your cup so you can fill other's

Our advice is twofold: find ways to make work more ergonomic, and support your body as you put it through the wringer every day. This involves things like stretching, regular exercise, and yes- mobile massage.

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